Scan the bottom of the car

Step 1: 

The bottom of the car is the best place to attach GPS tracking devices. First of all, briefly scan the whole car from the front side to back

Search the front of the car

Step 2: 

Although, there are many GPS trackers that consume power from the battery of the car. The best place of the GPS trackers is the roundabout battery of the car

Interior scan your car for a tracking device:

Step 3: 

After checking the outer and front sides of the car, the next step is to scan the inner portion of the car

Scan the surrounding area of tyres of car:

Step 4: 

Scan the Bumper of the car:

Step 5: 

Sometimes, spying agents waste the packing of Spy Gadgets near the trash of parking

Use anti-bugged

Step 6: 

Use GPS finder

Step 7: 

Step 8: 

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